Why are there so many effing Ariana Grande rare blogs? She’s not even that great..🙈

21st October, TuesdayReblog
Anonymous asked: since you changed your icon to brittany snow I keep trying to remember when I started following a different rare pics blog XD

Ehhhhhhhhhhh what? 😳

20th October, MondayReblog

Fun Fact: The Christmas episode of Pretty Little Liars, “How The ‘A’ Stole Christmas”, is their most expensive episode to date.
20th October, MondayReblog
lovelustsexchaosdream asked: I love your tumblr ! So happy I found it :)

Awe thanks, doll. I’m glad you like us!! <3

18th October, SaturdayReblog

Anonymous asked: All pictures of Debby Ryan are rare because nobody pays attention to her

Was there a point to this ask?

16th October, ThursdayReblog